Meanwhile, in another hemisphere

Oh, did I mention I’m going to China this month? It’s odd how casually I talk (or don’t talk) about it. Up to now, it comes up mostly as a scheduling concern—No, I can’t hit that show at the Turf Club, because, you know, after October 21st, I’LL BE SOMEPLACE SO FAR AWAY I MIGHT AS WELL TAKE A SPACESHIP.

Soon, I’ll jump on a flight to Tokyo then make a (relatively) short hop to Beijing. There I’ll rendez-vous with my fellow travelers: Austin, who’s taking time off his reporting beat to goof off in the some of the only places in China he hasn’t been, and Kirk, who left for China today to take care of business before we go exploring.

The itinerary (with no details, because I have no idea what I’m getting into):
> Four days in Beijing
> Fly to Kunming, Yunnan province
> Night train to Guiyang, Guizhou province
> Night train to Guilin, Guangxi province
> Fly back to Beijing for a few more days

I have two weeks to get my head around this (followed by two weeks of being utterly out of my head).

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