It’s been 24 months since Johanna showed up at Fairview Riverside Hospital and came to reside on 44th Avenue. Her second birthday proves the long-debated Johannacentric Theory—we all revolve around her, especially today.

Jo’s day of decadence begins with waffles, yogurt and a warm-up pile of gifts.

Sporting new duds and a new digital camera (Salvation Army, $5; subjects appear as vaguely humanoid smudges), we hang out on a dock in Wirth Park while Sarah/Mom runs a 5K.

We bump into our neighbor friend Eliza (and mom, Betsy) rooting for her dad, who was doing the half marathon.

Nassif #353 finishes in respectable time, a few minutes behind Meghan, her friend, piano teacher and running mentor. Johanna applauds in random bursts.

So much action and it’s not even 11. On to meet the Adelmans at Como Park for a whirl on a restored 1914 carousel. Jo and Lucy think it looks fun from a distance.

This is taken before Johanna realizes how fast the thing goes. Subsequent pics show blurred terror.

The Twins give Jo a birthday tutu (they turned 2 in August) and frolicking commences.

Though there’s little wind, none of us can light the big #2. But no matter: Sarah’s cake is bombastic, with icing infused with raspberries from our garden.

Aunt Allie gives Jo two of our favorite “Where…” stories: “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

We manage to cram in one more event: The Mediocritones at Church of the Annunciation, featuring Great Uncle Dan on bass and vox. Johanna passes her birthday’s final hours bouncing to the Stones, Bowie and CCR.

Stained-glass birthday numerals #s 1 & 2.

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