About a store

The companies I work for seldom surprise me. So when I heard my client, a certain big-box retailer serving the rural-agricultural communities of Minnesota and Wisconsin, had commissioned its own three-minute song (though no one seems to know who, when or why), I perked up. Then I listened to it.

Not many women. Not many children. Mostly men. Reeee-al men. A million tires and shiny screws. Extension cords in orange and blue. Fish and tackle. Aluminum mats. Guns and knives. Cool hunting caps. Lots of plumbing. Lots of lumber. A million tools. It’s all a wonder.

Hear it for yourself:

“We Love It”—rock-n-roll version

“We Love It”—country version

Is it just me, or am I hearing echoes of Black Flag’s “TV Party” in the rock version?

@import url(http://skreemr.com/styles/embed.css);

Black Flag::TV Party
Found at skreemr.com

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