Don’t get too close to my fantasy

I tried my hand at role playing in junior high. I phased it out in favor of more acceptable forms of experimentation once high school kicked in, avoiding most of the social opprobrium that is the lot of fantasy gamers, math geeks, drama kids, homosexuals, and the other misfits. But a fear of ridicule stuck with me; there are still pleasures in life that I can’t separate from shame.

Tonight, Listening Lounge on KFAI aired two stories: the first about Doug Nadeau, an elite Boston attorney and respected family man who gradually adopts a female identity after his inhibitions are eliminated by brain surgery for parkinson’s disease, his transformation recounted lovingly by his widow; the second takes us into the marker-decorated bedroom of a 25-year-old Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast to hear him describe the immense solace he finds in role playing games, the flipside of painful feelings of disconnection.

Following your joy can be tough.

So much easier to laugh at the wierdos.

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