Yesterday was a series of frustrating tasks—from ponying up for last year’s water main replacement (can you think of any better way to spend $3k?) to acquiring a new keyboard (the in-town Mac retailer was closed so I had to storm the Death Star if I wanted to work today). The trip wasn’t all bad: I’m listening to the haul of sweet cassette titles I garage-saled on Sunday ($.25/). It’s like cruising with my adolescent self.

Some favorite bits from the tapes:

Mudhoney – In ‘n’ Out Of Grace
Found at

Fugazi – Give Me the Cure
Found at

big black – kerosene
Found at

Sebadoh – Sister
Found at

Pavement – Summer Babe [Winter Version]
Found at

A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour (Feat. Trugoy of De La Soul)
Found at

Sonic Youth – Dirty Boots
Found at

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