Listening so I can’t hear

There’s no real organizing principle to my newest Muxtape update, other than “stuff I’ve been liking sequenced to avoid jarring transitions.” Marc annotated his latest mix on his blog, which is cool but more ambitious than I’m feeling this morning.

My neighbor’s problematic daughter (who I may elaborate on one day) cranks the most obnoxious kind of commercial rap and r&b in the mornings while shout-singing angrily with the refrains. Asking her to stop would be curmudgeonly (and probably pointless). Ranked among her many annoying habits, it’s actually not that bad, so I’ll pick my battles.

But I’ve got my iTunes turned up to 11.

8/19/08 NEWS FLASH: Looks like Muxtape is in negotiations with the RIAA about whether it can stream so much music without paying a licensing fee. Bummer.

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