More thoughts on weddings

The fifth anniversary of our wedding is this Saturday, which on top of Kirk and Sarah’s July nuptials and the news that our friend Jess is getting hitched next fall, has me musing about our swell event and how these things really can feel like a launchpad for a lifetime of joy, instead of like some surreal circus the Mother-In-Law Illuminati insist we stage for their amusement (my attitude circa 2000).

We planned the Portland event remotely from Minneapolis, maxing out our short-term savings and capacity to cooperate. Despite the few disappointments and outright backfires, the day is universally described to me in terms so glowing—the people! the music! so much dancing! the getaway car! OMG the venue!—that I almost feel embarassed for our good fortune.

Buy hey: maybe it would have been just as great if we’d done it at the Waffle House.

In my compulsive Googling of friends and acquaintences (you got me, Witt), I stumbled on a Flickr gallery of our wedding created by our friend Sean (who’s archived several occasions I was pleased to glimpse again).

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