Brain Lapse

Todd Mayberry and I make a decent team. He likes Power Pop enough to pour crazy time and energy into not just one title but a series dedicated to this underappreciated subgenre. I like zines enough to crank out covers and illustrations for anyone who asks nicely. I hadn’t heard of any the bands featured in his first venture, Rock Mania, but Todd’s passion for the material sold me on the concept while the mix tape he provided got me grooving on the content.

His latest project, Brain Lapse, is Rock Mania again but better (certainly in terms of my contribution), with more interviews, reviews and a more polished presentation (yet preserving the hand-rendered feel—an homage to classic fanzines). Issue 1 features an interview with Eddie Grant (what a coup!)  talking about his 60s band The Equals.

Several things had to fall into place to get me going on the cover, starting with acquiring a new scanner (our *&^%&* HP all-in-none failed me again massively), and more to the point, I had to carve out some time in our heavy summer visiting schedule. I got to work as soon as we returned from Clermont yesterday. I’m happy to report the results were worth the wait (easily topping my dashed-off Rock Mania cover). Here’s the series I’m sharing with Todd. For this hack designer, license to integrate drawing with all the digital is my best shot at something original.

The Equals – i-get-so-excited

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