Wedding profiles, 8-10

Kelly: A recent breakup left Kelly with a hotel room all to himself, ideal for how he rolls. Between parties, he passed the weekend cycling around a city he’s scarcely visited since his family moved away in 1991. He covered a lot of ground even though June’s flooding had mucked up the prime trails and bred clouds of aggressive mosquitoes. He was just one former resident I heard revise their hard opinion of Des Moines and declare life there “doable.”

Ferzana: You can find Ferzana’s business cards in most Mexican restaurants in town. At the wedding parties, this New York-born immigration attorney found an opportunity to vent about the limitations of her temporary home, observing from the roof of the Savery Hotel, “from here it almost looks like a city.”

Steve: Though it was the Fourth, it’s unlikely we would have joined hands and belted out the Star Spangled Banner at the rehearsal party if not for Steve (The Boss sing-along that followed was less contagious, but still fun).

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