Look out, hippies

Maybe I’m trying to compensate for the lack of variety in my professional assignments right now. Maybe it’s because without provokation, it seems like I don’t draw anymore. Whatever the reason, I’m saying yes to creative collaboration this year.

So I was really pumped to hear from Danny O’Neil, an old friend and college roommate whose passions, while quite different from mine, are so strident and hilarious that you can’t help but share them. Sounds like he’s been hit up for change one time too many by Seattle street youth, some of whom you can’t help but suspect are homeless by choice rather than necessity. Here in Minnesota where no one would choose to live outdoors, this sounds incredibly callous. But Out West, you have to wonder where all these kids are coming from.

Dan thought a provokative T-shirt might send would-be panhandlers a message, so I riffed on his idea with a caricature that, while crude, reflects a fair amount of personal experience with this Seattle subculture. Right or wrong, after they hit you up with “money for beer for my dog,” it’s hard to muster much compassion.

So here’s the concept, soon to be inked for a run of 100:

Update (May 28th): Graphics are drawn; awaiting feedback.

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